Tiffany Singh is an Installation based social practice artist. Her philosophies and practices encompass influences as varied as Modernism, Eastern and Western spiritual beliefs, Jungian psychology and ancient culture. Her research enquiry is located in the discourse of; The role of the sacred in contemporary society.

This site houses her current work.

The companion work for the Revision Of Optics. There are three cones that unpack the colour spectrum of Revision. Titled Iris after some of the most personable mythic deities that represent the rainbow. This series comprises three pieces which take to the same overarching theme as Revision of the Optics. The gentle swaying of bells alludes to Shinto philosophy while the spectrum of colours links the Theatre Street Cones to the Concourse. The colour field is a visual attempt to awaken the chakras, which in yoga practice are the energy centres of the human body.

My rice. Updates images of the rice i planted at Kirtipur during monsoon season in Kathmandu. So proud of my beautiful green waving rice, Biken Ranjit captured more film of my rice and will add it into the final piece which we show it at Pataka for the Asia New Zealand Foundation exhibition Asian Art In The 20th Century exhibition early 2015. 

Installing the natural rainbow. A combination of paper, flower therapy and natural herbs and spices that have both scent and colour vibration. The exhibition will be up till January 2015 at the Esplanade in Singapore. Thank you to Milan Rai for letting me add his butterflies to the mix. 

Another crazy epic install. Thankful for the most amazing team of people who helped me get this up. Here are a few shots of the install. Multiple rainbows all happening simultaneously. Waiting patiently for the moment when for the work all comes together as one.

Making rainbows again for the install at the Esplande. This time the rainbows are coupled with a motif of peace in collaboration with artist Milan Rai. Rai says, “I believe that every individual has a power to transform into a beautiful being like a butterfly and when this transformation takes place, miracles happen.Change is inevitable. But it is essential that the change emerges brilliantly in our lives and solves our problems with love and understanding.” It is a beautiful synergy with Maqula Al-Hala Wa Qaws Quzah; On The Rainbow & The Halo. A work that speaks of healing through colour, vibration and flower therapy.

The making of my natural rainbow. Materials are locally sourced with a material link to my the latest work Lalitha from the Siddhatha Art Gallery shown in Nepal, as ive got to get my godesses in! Lalitha and Kali will be holding the middle ground surrounded by flower therapy of chrysanthemum, rose, lavender and globe flowers all sented up with chili, tumeric & jasmine. It will form the ground work for The Revision of Optics that features my signature colour spectrum that sees the disappearance of Indigo and the addition of Magenta.

Working with Indika Bells again. These hand made bells are made in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India by a family who has been making them for centuries “By sourcing the bells from rural artisans in western India, Singh hopes The Revision Of Optics will inspire conversations about the importance of better equity in international trade” - Agnes Lim, Visual Arts, Esplanade, Singapore

Outsourcing materials around Singapore for The Revision Of Optics. This work uses the device of a natural rainbow to speak of ceremony and ritual in different cultures, with materials that also have a relationship to healing the body and mind. This is research for the floor component in the work which will be accompanied by ribbons, handmade fair trade bells & Milan Rai’s butterflies. The work will be installed at the Esplanade in Singapore next week.

The new work in Singapore is taking me back to Newton & The Piece Bomb. I remember making this work and being obsessed by colour and realising then that rainbows were my thing. I have made many rainbows since this one and love the way the work teaches me to see things differently. Its a creative practice to take time and see the beauty in the flowers, spices and nature that i am so grateful for. Colour is a gift and a joy to work with, making natural rainbows is a therapy unto itself.

I truly love this film piece by Biken Ranjit. This film supports the making of Sayapatri 100 Layers so beautifully. The attempt to capture both context and spirit of the artwork and the environs it was created in have been done so poetically. I have found that collaborating with film makers allows a lasting memory of the artwork & it is beautiful to see the work come alive through a different lens. My deepest thanks and respect Biken. 

Thank you Siddhartha Art Gallery. I loved being on the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Residency . The works i have made here deeply reflect my artistic enquiry into the role of the sacred in contemporary society and my deep love of the East. I dearly look forward to taking this suite of works back to Aotearoa. Sayapatri 100 Layers and the companion film piece will be on show at the Art In The Asian Century exhibition, Pataka. The exhibition will focus on the outcomes the Asia New Zealand Foundation has facilitated to New Zealand artists in the East.

I will dearly miss the culture of offerings and temples that deeply informs my arts and spiritual practice. Nepal has been alive with flowers vermillion butter lamps and gods. Always hard to leave the East although i have a feeling i will see you soon.