Tiffany Singh is an Installation based social practice artist. Her philosophies and practices encompass influences as varied as Modernism, Eastern and Western spiritual beliefs, Jungian psychology and ancient cultures.

This site houses her current work.

Final Install of Monsoon Paintings at Siddhartha Art Gallery.Lovingly made with gifted flowers left to colour in the rains. I can definitely see a developing thread in these works. I look forward to experimenting more with the rain and the flowers of Aotearoa next summer.

And so concludes  Thus Shall Ye Think Of All This Fleeting World; A Star At Dawn, A Bubble In The Stream, A Flash of Lightening In A Summer Cloud, A Flickering Lamp A Phantom & A Dream. It been a long time since I have had an opportunity to curate an entire show. The five works are the result of a 2 month residency at KCAC. The conceptual framework that encapsulates the exhibition is homage to the goddess, in terms of mother earth, monsoon and the principles of the feminine shakti energy. 

This has been m’hood. Lalitpur. I have felt in good company with the artisans that work with me all hours of the night in centuries of stone and ritual. I have watched this place turn green over monsoon and starred at the flashes of lightening from cloud to cloud every night for months. Its always hard to leave the East its a deep pull few truly understand. I hope to see you soon Nepal, your butter lamps and water bowls keep calling.

Images from Calling A Circle He Karanga Pae. We are busy working on the film piece that accompanies the exhibition, made whilst on the Colin McCahon residency 2013/4.  Film Maker Robert George and performance artist Lucy-Mary Mulholland piece accompanies the living dying wall and explores the philosophies of Calling A Circle He Karanga Pae. The work address both grief and loss whilst honouring the life of Anne McCahon.

The exhibition will be at Lopdell House early 2015.  

Such a special place to me. Sometimes there are places in the world when the feeling of being there never leaves you. Boudhanath is one of those places for me. A fluttering of flags, butter tea, incense and mala. The essence of this sacred place was the inspiration to Sayapatri - 100 Layers. These images were taken whilst shooting the companion film to Sayapatri - 100 Layers with Biken Ranjit

Ribbon details of Sayapatri 100 layers. The falling ribbons with their Medicine Buddha Mantra, are hung to mimic the patterns of monsoon rain hung to render the spectrum of the prayer flags. Through this repetition of the Medicine Buddha Mantras falling words the collected monsoon rains paired with sacred materials, the artwork becomes impregnated with aura of healing and purification. In this way, the process of making the artwork, mirrors the process of mantra meditation were the artistic practice & spiritual practice become one in the making of the installation.

The next step for the monsoon paintings. Detailed with gold pen after being subjected to the rains. The final works will be on show at Thus Shall Ye Think Of All This Fleeting World; A Star At Dawn, A Bubble In The Stream, A Flash of Lightening In A Summer Cloud, A Flickering Lamp A Phantom & A Dream

The details from Sayapatri 100 Layers. The bowls contain the offerings. Monsoon water, milk, rice and earth, refreshed daily with flowers & milk allowing the process of tending to the work to become a daily practice unto itself. To honour the season of monsoon giving thanks and & acknowledging the life giving force the precious water brings with her. 

Details of Lalitha. The artwork brings to light the materials of ceremony & ritual as the entire space becomes a site specific installation with a paired back aesthetic referencing puja. In particular materials associated to Lalitha Tripurasundari; scent (earth), incense (air), flame (fire), water, and flowers (aether) tinged with red, in their basic form to represent the five impressions. The complete blanketing of the space is a conceptual render of ‘maintenance as an intermediate state between the two polarities’. When she Lalitha is worshipped as creatrix the order is from centre to perimeter. As dissolver, the puja is from perimeter to centre. 

On show at Siddartha Art Gallery Aug 4th-18th

Elements of Sayapatri - 100 Layers transformed into an offering by my dear friends who offered to journey the bells and ribbons to Mustang in Nepal for me. This pilgrimage saw them install the offering at Koncholing cave. I am forever grateful that the artwork honoured and was offered to this magic place with paintings of the Tara’s and Buddha dating back to the 13th century. 

A morning on the farm whilst we filmed the accompanying piece for Sayapatri. A work focused on the sacred and re-generative forces of mother earth / papatuanuku. It wouldn’t be right to make a work in Nepal around abundance and fertility without including milk from the holy cow. Of course we were authentic. Yet, ironic That I am from Aotearoa and the first time I milk a cow is in Nepal! I have to say it was the best chai i have ever had. 

Next step of the Monsoon Paintings series The work consists of locally picked seasonal flowers crushed to extract natural dyes overlaid with watercolour to mirror the colour way of Sayapatri -100 Layers.  The abstract prayer flag reference repeats in a set of five colours, representing the elements and the Five Pure Lights. 

These works after being subjected to the rains will have further flower pressings and be drawn onto with gold pen. On show at Thus Shall Ye Think Of All This Fleeting World; A Star At Dawn, A Bubble In The Stream, A Flash of Lightening In A Summer Cloud, A Flickering lamp, A Phantom & A Dream

Siddartha Art Gallery Aug 4th-12th