Tiffany Singh is a New Zealand Installation based artist. Her philosophies and practices encompass influences as varied as Modernism, Eastern and Western spiritual beliefs, Jungian psychology and ancient cultures.

This site houses her current work.

I love the way the people of Kathmandu occupy Patan Durbar Square.Its home for now, with my studio & apartment within the length of the square. I spend hours watching the world go by, livelihoods made, couples courting, the sounds of bells the smell of incense. This marvel of Newa architecture where the past and the present become one, old and new up against each other. Its a place where the truth of life passes me by everyday & its very very beautiful.

The bowls that will hold the offerings for both Sayapatri - 100 layers & Lalitha. Made from local newspapers the 50 odd bowls catch the light in beautiful ways. They will hold the earth, flowers, incense and fire for Lalitha and the milk, rice and monsoon water for Sayapatri - 100 Layers.

Both the exhibition and artist talk will be at Siddartha Art Gallery.

All painted and ready to go. The whole school painted a chime to display on the chime gates. The chimes will rotate on display becoming a part of sound based work for the new Hobsonville development. From The Ground Up will be installed next month.

Testing in the KCAC garden studio for a new work. Conceptually connected to Sayapatri -100 Layers, Lalita focuses on the life giving force of the Red Goddess. Lalita meaning ‘She Who Plays’ will be exhibited at Siddartha Gallery in Thus Shall Ye Think Of All This Fleeting World; A Star At Dawn, A Bubble In The Stream, A Flash of Lightning In A Summer Cloud, A Flickering lamp. 

Its a special work for me this one. Sayapatri-100 Layersis a work that focuses on the life-giving force of Mother Earth / Papatuanuku. Rendered over my 2 month residency at KCAC. The process is to honour the monsoon season in Nepal. The artwork is constructed of local Nepalese materials associated to ceremony & ritual, collected daily with monsoon rain. The evolution & physical growth of the artwork through both artist and audience participation hopes to emulate the energy associated to the life cycle of the healing, cleansing abundance of the monsoons fertility. 

Thus Shall Ye Think Of All This Fleeting World; A Star At Dawn, A Bubble In The Stream, A Flash of Lightning In A Summer Cloud, A Flickering lamp, A Phantom And A Dream. Siddartha Art Gallery August 1st.

In the rice-paddy at Kirtipur City. We have all been waiting for the fertile waters of the monsoon rains to bless us. They are already two weeks late & far to scarce for comfort. It is very stressful for those whose livelihood depends on the pure waters that gather at the great mountains above us. We gave thanks today, as we worked in the fields. I learnt many a thing about rice and life.

-A part of the process for the artwork Sayapatri - 100 Layers. A work which references the ceremonies & rituals, deeply embedded in the Indic tradition along with the many other wisdom traditions around fertility, abundance & the sacred feminine. 

Flowers picked from Kirtipur on the edges of the rice paddies. The flowers and their pigments have been transferred to the paper using the traditional Japanese hapazome technique. The flowers and their colours will create the ground for the drawings for Thus Shall Ye Think Of All This Fleeting World; A Star At Dawn, A Bubble In The Stream, A Flash of Lightening In A Summer Cloud, A Flickering lamp, A Phantom And A Dream. As a butter lamp becomes a source of meditation. Rendering a life cycle of destruction & creation of drawing a lamp everyday then submitting the work to the rains. 

Opens Siddartha Gallery August 1st Bijulibazar Rd, Kathmandu, Nepal

Designing the new work for the Esplanade, we will be putting up the show in Singapore in September. I feel privileged to be chosen to show alongside amazing contemporary asian artists such as Su-Chen Hung and Marine Ky. These images show the concept design of the work, and the 2 sites i will be installing in as well as a couple of hello Singapore shots. It was a whirlwind site visit, looking forward to being back to install the work in September.

New work is progressing nicely. Its a meditation in and of itself. The exhibition with be at Siddhartha Gallery on the 1st of August. the show will be titled Thus Shall Ye Think Of All This Fleeting World; A Star At Dawn, A Bubble In The Stream, A Flash of Lightening In A Summer Cloud, A Flickering lamp, A Phantom And A Dream and will feature drawing, film and installation. 

The making of Sayapatri meaning 100 layers. This was shot in the KCAC residency by fellow artist in residence Subash Thebe. It is another labour intensive work, focused on the repeating the healing medicine buddha mantra. The work also honours the monsoon season, fertility, offering and of course ritual. Huge thank you to Subash for this beautiful capture.

Painting the wind chimes for From The Ground Up. A permanent work for the Hobsonville Land Company which will be installed next month. Four chime gates that honouring the old runway site. The gates will support the chimes painted by the local students. The chimes will change every six months to reveal the colour spectrum. 

Details from Patan Durbur Square where my studio is inside the Ancient Royal Palace where Malla Kings of Laitpur once resided. Patan is one of the oldest known Buddhist Cities and is alive with the sound of bells and prayer. Its a inspiring place to be making a new work on the KCAC residency

Distilled with natural dyes of; indigo, coprosma, marigold, tanekaha, blackberry, raurekau, eucalyptus, cochineal, rosemary & rose to extract my particular colour spectrum. A3 works on paper with hapa-zome. An ancient Japanese technique that transfers the natural pigment of flowers, taught to me by natural dye sensai Deb Donnelly. Available at Melanie Roger Gallery from We Are But Dust & Shadow.

Seeds of new work. Drawing on Shamanic and Buddhist tradition this work focuses on healing through the practice of prayer, meditation and mantra. The work will honour the monsoon season in `Nepal. As the first rains will fall whilst I’m on the Kathmandhu Contemporary Art Centre Residency. The collected rainwater will become a central aspect of the artwork. 

Thank you Bali. Time to rest and recharge. Spent most of my time in the temples. Soaking up the offerings and getting inspired for new work. So good for the soul to be back in a place were temples, offering and ritual are a daily practice.